Fall 2012 40 Days for Life

We’re doing it again. Choose Life is organizing Victoria’s third 40 Days for Life Vigil outside (and across the street) from Victoria’s abortion clinic at Helmcken and the Old Island Highway.
(Look for a kickoff workshop and dinner the September 20-22 weekend).
Virtually all Victoria’s abortions are done there or consulted there.
Those wanting to be vigil keepers first sign on at our vigil website, www.40daysforlife.com/victoria/ and then sign up for a specific time, anytime from an hour in all to an hour a week or more, which, frankly, we’d prefer.
We recommend encouraging a friend to accompany you and doing your first vigil at a time when others are doing theirs (which should be clear from the calendar and the colour coding)
We kept our vigil during many key times last fall, but we also sadly had to leave many times unkept for lack of persons.
We have found this to be a spiritually rewarding experience and believe we are making an impact on the individuals, couples and families visiting the clinic.
We do not carry judgmental signs, chant protests or wear costumes. We pray and, if asked, give referrals to local pro-life organizations that counsel or otherwise support pregnant women.
Please join us in Victoria’s third 40 Days for Life vigil and you will also be joining tens of thousands of fellow pro-life people all across Canada and around the U.S., and several other countries.
Stand up for Life.

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