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Choose Life Victoria is a new non-profit organization dedicated to defending and celebrating human life from conception to natural death.
About that Bubble Zone
Maybe to incite resentment, maybe because of a genuine misconception, the idea is being spread that we pro-life activists occasionally standing on the southwest corner of the intersection of Helmcken and the Old Island Highway are breaking a law, or in some way are not where “we are supposed to be. We are on the “wrong side” of the Old Island Highway and too close to the Vancouver Island Women’s Health Centre where we believe 1,000 or so abortions are done each year.
It could be that View Royal is the source of this because it is clear that several such officials themselves sincerely but erroneously believed this for a brief time this past spring. One even shouted this mistake, red-faced with anger and gesticulating, from his vehicle. Another senior official insist, again and again, (albeit, calmly) that his staff had “looked at the map” and “used GPS” and thereby confirmed that we belonged “over there” and not “here.” The police were on their way, both men warned.
They should be red-faced, but with embarrassment. The officials clearly had not looked at the British Columbia Access to Abortion Facilities Act. I presume the RCMP had looked because they have never arrested us, nor even spoken to us about our location.
So here’s the law. The law automatically creates an “access zone” or “bubble zone” around all abortion-doing doctor’s offices in B.C., which extends 10 metres beyond the edge of the property the office sits on. I repeat it: 10 metres. And again: 10 metres. That puts us across the street—either across Helmken or the Old Island Highway, but not both at once, and firmly on the sidewalk, thank you.
The provincial Cabinet can expand the bubble zone around an abortion facility to 50 metres from the property line. This has not been done in any case as far as we know but we know that the clinic operators would like this to happen. Their mouthpiece, MLA Maurine Karagianis, has urged it and tried to enlist View Royal council in support, significantly misrepresenting events on the site to make her case.
Contrary to Karagianis’s claims that we have harassed people on their way to nearby bus stops, or had to be escorted out of the abortion clinic by police, our 40 Days for Life vigils have all been peaceable. Supporters of the abortion clinic have, on the other hand, scrawled enough graffiti on the sidewalks and walls near the clinic to cost the municipality several thousands of dollars in cleanup.
They have been cautioned by the police and even jailed for genuine harassment, including yelling obscene threats, dumping food garbage and manure, flashing, and stalking.
Unfortunately, we understand that this kind of action by our opponents could hurt us, because we get blamed for anything untoward that happens, even when our opponents do it. We get blamed because, it is argued, they wouldn’t have done it if we hadn’t provoked them.
This is the argument of a wife batterer, of course.
There are now counter-demonstrators standing on the northwest corner of the intersection who also cite the Bubble Zone law and, also, haven’t read it. When they first appeared they carried signs saying: “Fist Your Friends,” and “Anal Sex Saves.” They since replaced these with milder messaging, perhaps because someone has made her aware that the anal sex she extolled so glibly is the reason why 62 percent of those newly infected with HIV AIDS in British Columbia are males who engage in it with other males, though this group accounts for under 5 percent of the population.
Steve Weatherbe
Choose Life Victoria

We welcome the support of any groups that share our support for life, although we are not affiliated with any religious group.

We are incorporated under the B.C. Societies Act.

Our goals, as registered with the B.C. Registrar of Societies:

• To educate the public about the inherent value of human life from fertilization to natural death, through publication or distribution of printed material, public events, lectures, a website or websites, newsletters, advertisements and social media and other media.

• To provide assistance to women with unwanted pregnancies including counseling, housing, living expenses and supplies. To inform the public about the consequences for a woman’s mental and physical health of pregnancy, childbirth, and abortion.

We hold the 40 Days for Life vigil that began in Texas and has spread across the U.S. and Canada . We hope to encourage women to think again about their decision to have an abortion and seek help with their pregnancies instead.Check out www.40daysforlife.com. And www.40daysforlife.com/local-campaigns/victoria. This event runs from Ash Wednesday February 10 to March 20, 2016. Please help us with prayer, fasting and your presence on the vigil.

: On September 17 at 2 pm, we plan a Walk for Life at Beacon Hill Park to raise funds. We need $2,000 upfront to to buy liability insurance for the organization, especially at the 40 Days for Life vigil site. You can help by becoming members and paying the $25 fee, by direct donations, or by participating as a walker or a donor in our Walk for Life.

Our address :

Choose Life Victoria
Box 48051
3511 Blanshard St.
Victoria BC

Our email: chooselifevictoria@gmail.com
Our business phone: 778-992-4677

Our Board of Directors

President: Steve Weatherbe 250-598-7707
Treasurer: Wendy Willis 250-882-1680
Secretary: Sharon Langlois
Director: Agnes Berard
Director: Mary T. Earnshaw
40 Days for Life Coordinator and Director: Alex Berns

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