40 Days for Life is growing!

For the first time, Victoria is participating in the 40 Days for Life vigil. It started in Texas at the beginning of the last decade and has spread to 300 cities in five countries. The vigil is conducted by volunteers in Spring and Fall outside an abortion facility. Victoria’s abortions are mostly done at the misnamed Vancouver Island Women’s Health Clinic in a cozy little mall at the corner of the Old Island Highway and Helmcken. The late term ones are moved to the General Hospital but the pre-op consults with the doctor who does them all are done at this facility.
So across the street a small but growing number of pro-life people, co-ordinated by Choose Life Victoria, are gathering to pray each day, or as many days as we can manage, mostly during work hours, though the difficult ideal is round-the-clock.
To sign up for this arduous but rewarding effort, please go to www.40daysforlife.com/victoria. Then register via the windows in the top right corner, return to the home page and click on vigil schedule. This will take you to a calendar. Click on the day(s) you want to participate, sign in for one-time or (we hope) weekly participation. And then show up ready to pray and/or carry a sign or hold one end of our banner.
Forty Days is non-judgmental. Since we are not without sin, we cast no stones. We pray for the women visiting the facility, their unborn children and their families, and we pray for the staff inside—all for a change of heart.
It is non-confrontational. We are not their to argue our views with our opponents. We provide a phone number where a pregnant woman can get help with the problems the pregnancy has posed for her.
For more about the overall project you can visit the international website: www.40daysforlife.com

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